Masami IIDA


Melbourne, Vic


Masami Iida is an award-winning painter/photographer with a variety of interests that capture the beauty in our world. Masami Iida's artwork can be found throughout North America, Europe, Russia, Japan, and Australia.

He was born just outside of Tokyo, Japan where he lived until he ventured to America to study. He attended universities in Iowa, Seattle, and New Jersey from 1982 1986. He received a Bachelor's degree from the Montclair State University with a major in linguistics and a minor in art. After a short return to Japan, Masami moved to Melbourne, Australia in 1987 and dedicated himself to painting. Masami has over 30 years of painting experience and has captured the beauty of the human body, nature, landscapes and wildlife on his canvas. Ten years and hundreds of painting later, in 1997 Masami took up photography and found it to be a natural extension of his artwork. Masami enjoys capturing the essence of his subject through his lens and/or on canvas. He sees beauty everywhere, even in the simplest things.

Please take some time to view Masami's intimate photographs and paintings and see for yourself the beauty he has captured.
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Conversation by Masami IIDA


Before Bath by Masami IIDA


Surprise by Masami IIDA


Homage to Sargent by Masami IIDA


Jerry and the Springers by Masami IIDA


Summer Holiday by Masami IIDA


Beautiful Boy by Masami IIDA


School Uniform by Masami IIDA


Blue Dress by Masami IIDA


Good Morning by Masami IIDA


Morning by Masami IIDA


White Dress by Masami IIDA


Undressing by Masami IIDA


Spring Bouquet Part 3 by Masami IIDA


Spring Bouquet Part 2 by Masami IIDA


Modest Girl by Masami IIDA


Nude Study Part 3 by Masami IIDA


Nude Study Part 2 by Masami IIDA


Nude Study Part 1 by Masami IIDA


New Hope by Masami IIDA


Hopeful Thought by Masami IIDA


Fresh Start by Masami IIDA


Interview by Masami IIDA


Long Hair by Masami IIDA


Tender Morning by Masami IIDA


Spring Bouquet Homage to Renoir by Masami IIDA


Blue Dress by Masami IIDA


Red Dress by Masami IIDA


Dress by Masami IIDA


Silver Dress by Masami IIDA




Homage to Cassatt by MASAMI IIDA


Tenderness by MASAMI IIDA


Synchronized Dancers by MASAMI IIDA




Snow Dancers by MASAMI IIDA


Sacred Dance by MASAMI IIDA


Red-crowned crane Pair by MASAMI IIDA


Snow Dance by MASAMI IIDA


Preparation by MASAMI IIDA


Nude and Kimono 2 by MASAMI IIDA


Nude and Kimono 3 by MASAMI IIDA


Nude and Kimono 1 by MASAMI IIDA


Farewell by MASAMI IIDA


Season's Greeting by MASAMI IIDA


New Yea's Day by MASAMI IIDA


Winter Garden by MASAMI IIDA


Mother and Son by MASAMI IIDA